Found the most beautiful bookstore today

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hopetheverb OH MY GODS.



if you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out.

if you put a frog in warm water and gradually turn up the heat until the water is boiling, the frog will remain there until it dies.

and that is an abusive relationship.

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Last night just before 9pm, they sent us a warning over the phone that ‘We will bomb the hospital, so you need to evacuate. We insisted that we cannot leave the hospital. Our patients are, all of them, paralyzed, they’re unconscious. They’re unable to move, so we need to stay in this hospital…

But just few minutes after the call, shells start falling down on the hospital — the fourth floor, third floor, second floor. Smoke, fire, dust all over.

Basman Alashi, executive director of Al-Wafa Hospital, the only rehabilitation hospital in Gaza and the West Bank. (via thepeoplesrecord)


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I took a break from washing up/cleaning the kitchen to dance to Kings of Leon’s I Want You.

My kitchen looks out onto my garden, which shares a wall with my neighbours, whose back door can be seen from my kitchen window.

So I’m in my kitchen doing a dance that can only be described as a lot of strutting, sexy walking and hip swooshing.

My neighbours are outside their back door, smoking.

They see everything.


I realise that they’re watching. I freeze mid-hairflip, cover my face and wave sheepishly.

They applaud.


Is it possible to die of embarrassment?

I called le boyfriend just now to have a quick chat and he was trying to decide what to buy for his niece’s fifth birthday on Amazon. His mum was helping him and they had narrowed it down to three different Play-doh products, and I spent a good ten minutes helping them decide which one to buy. We ended up going for the Play-doh Ice Cream Parlour, which looks super cool!

It was just really funny because le boyfriend was having to sit there and listen to me and his mum say exactly the same thing (‘ooh it comes with little glasses and spoons’, ‘AND A SPRINKLE MAKER!’) and he was flitting between being annoyed and finding it really funny.

I love le boyfriend’s mum so much. She’s the second best mum in the world.


"birds and squirrels and earth and sky"

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i think i can accurately say that i can crush a man’s head with my thighs

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I’m going to London tomorrow wooooo!!!

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I’m sorry my fat offends you.
Oh wait, no I’m not.
*maniacally laughs and flies off on a unicorn in all my fat glory*

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